Quinoa and Zucchini (Original) Sprouted Seed Bread


This is the ‘original’ flavour that we developed. It has 4 types of sprouted & fermented seeds, providing a complete nutrient profile. We lovingly activate, germinate and ferment the seeds over three days before slow baking to make the seeds more bioavailable and easier on the tummy.

We have included carrot, quinoa & millet to the recipe to make sure you get adequate beta-carotene (vitamin A), which is vital for your eye-health! Coconut oil in this bread not only boost overall bioavailability of all nutrients by enhancing fat-soluble vitamin absorption, it also provides lots of health benefits such as balancing cholesterol & improve memory.

Our bread is carefully formulated so it is very nutritious, delicious yet light on the stomach.

This bread errs on the savoury side but is more mild-tasting compare to our Pumpkin & Turmeric/ Banana & Buckwheat bread so is quite versatile when toast-topping!

Additionally it goes well as an ingredient in any recipe that calls for grains. Just put in a food processor and you’ve got a much more nutrient dense base than flours or other grains. Our favourite way is simply toasting, breaking it up to make fried ‘rice’ or even making sprouted seed ‘milk’!

100% Certified Organic Ingredients: buckwheat, millet, white quinoa, red quinoa, zucchini, carrot, salt, coconut oil, rosemary, vegan starter culture. 

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