Longevity Through Nutrition

Clean, nutritious food untainted by toxic chemicals and grown in healthy soil teeming with beneficial life is what more and more people want today. As a result, organic and wholefood products have grown exponentially over the past few years, making it the fastest growing segment of our agriculture. Though still a small industry compared to conventional agriculture, increasing interest by consumers has encouraged the farmers and retailer like us, to provide a range of food, not offered by mainstream farmers and retailers. This growth, would encourage a better future for human health and the planet as a whole and confirms that organic farming will continue to grow and have a positive impact on our world.


What does organic really mean? Who are the people who toil long hours to ensure that the food on your plate is in its purest and most natural state and why do they do it?


In essence, the purpose of organic farming is to work as a partner with nature to promote natural and compassionate husbandry of plants and animals while conserving soil and water resources. In which case, Soil and plants are not treated with toxic chemicals or persistent pesticides. No toxic fertilizers or sewage sludge is used to promote growth, nor are genetically engineered seeds allowed. Animals are fed organic feeds and their natural behaviours must be accommodated to make their lives as comfortable and stress-free as possible. The use of synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics are forbidden.


At Bondi Wholefoods, we spend hours of research, source the farmers and producers for one purpose….to simply offer the best choice of food we possibly can because it's the most important part of our commitment to your health & longevity.

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