Cacao Raspberry & Macadamia Ketogenic Energy Bar


At Essentially Keto, we created our bars to give you an easy and delicious way to feed your body its preferred fuel: Fat!

Our bars will give you sustenance, focus and endurance while helping kick sugar cravings. Packed with organic fats and flavoured by ingredients with purpose.

The bars are hand-made, pure and organic where possible. We focus on nutrient rich ingredients that are easily digested and provide a great source of energy and satisfaction.

Edit is a professional chef of 30 years and she has painstakingly refined the flavours of “Chew The Fat” bars to create incredibly delicious and satiating energy bars.

We sweeten naturally using stevia and erythritol which don’t spike blood sugar.

We use pasture raised gelatin for texture and nutrients.  The bars are flavoured with natural oils and extracts, fresh nuts and coconut.

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