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About Us

There is no substitute for optimal health and fitness. Bondi

Wholefoods commitment is to provide the most nutritionally superior foods, created using the most sustainably sound practices possible, to achieve the ultimate health and well being for our customers.

Bondi Wholefoods started as a humble corner store in the back streets of North Bondi residential area. Initially BWF was primarily a wholefoods grocery store, with a limited range of basic healthy food options & coffee. Customer demand for a more varied menu saw a rapid evolution of the business into a full scale cafe. 

In 2015 our second venue opened in Surry Hills, which focused mainly on dining, with a small grocery offering.


Sadly our North Bondi store closed in 2018, however we are planning our return to our 'Hood', to once again serve those who helped make us who we are today.   

With a steadfast passion for healthful, life giving, plant based foods that are plucked straight from the earth, a dedication to animal welfare & a commitment to sustainability for our amazing planet, we strive to share our food with as many people as possible. 

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